Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to Radio Reminisce you agree to the following terms and conditions:


You agree that using Radio Reminisce as a ‘Single User’ means this must be only used within your own personal household. If you are subscribing as a ‘Multi User’ this is strictly per care / residential home. A business with more than one care / residential home needs one subscription per care / residential home in which they wish to provide Radio Reminisce in.


Radio Reminisce do not handle your payment or payment details. You agree that ‘Stripe’ will handle your payment and payment details. ‘Stripe’ are an online payment site (https://stripe.com/gb) You will need to agree to their terms and conditions when prompted during the free trial and subscription process.

Free Trial

You agree that your payment details are needed upon sign up to the free trial and that you must sign up to the correct user category (Single User / Multi User) whichever applies to your circumstance. You agree that your subscription will begin and payment will be taken after the free trial has expired (14 days standard / 90 days partner clients).  If you do not wish to subscribe after the free trial you must ‘Cancel Subscription’ before the trial has ended. You agree that failure to do so will allow the account to automatically subscribe and payment to be taken.

Renewing Subscription 

You agree that you subscription will automatically renew annually unless you wish to cancel, and that you are responsible for cancelling your subscription. Your renewal date can be confirmed by you checking your bank statement for when you last subscribed.


You agree that if you don’t wish to continue to subscribe then you must press the red ‘Cancel Subscription’ button in the ‘My Account’ page before your current subscription runs out – otherwise it will auto renew to your selected subscription plan.

You acknowledge that cancelling your subscription terminates your Radio Reminisce account immediately wherever you are in the subscription period. 


You agree that once your subscription has began and you decide to cancel after the free trial period, Radio Reminisce will not provide any refunds. Please cancel within the free trial period if you don’t wish to subscribe.

Personal Details

You agree that Radio Reminisce will hold your login details. You agree that you keep your login details safe and for use only within the boundaries of your subscription.


You agree that Radio Reminisce may contact you from time to time via the email address you have provided to help keep you informed on any information about Radio Reminisce or about any chance to our service.

Termination Of Service

You agree Radio Reminisce have the right to terminate its service and your account at any time. In doing so Radio Reminisce will not refund you the balance of your subscription except for special circumstances.