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Subscribe to our specially produced catalogue of radio programmes. New programmes added weekly. It's only £2.50 per month for a single user. If you are a care home, our programmes will hopefully be beneficial to your residence and a licence can be obtained for up to 50 users for just £99.00 per year!

Single Users

With Radio Reminisce you can gain access to our content for just £2.50 per month!

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel your single use subscription at anytime and re-subscribe at anytime.

Multi Users

We can licence you access for up to 50 users for a yearly payment of just £99! Perfect for care homes and residential complexes.

Free Radio 24/7

Always get free access to our 24/7 live radio stream from the homepage. No subscription required.

Dementia Friendly

We are working with industry professionals to help our content be dementia friendly. Of course Radio Reminisce is for all of us, but if we can help bring a little comfort to others along the way, then we will do our best to do so. DFA in programme descriptions indicates a dementia friendly radio programme.

Loneliness Aware

We're working to create content that you can feel at home with, something you can access to gain comfort from. We don't like the thought of you being on your own, so at times when you may feel lonely we hope our programmes will offer some comfort. We have also included a directory of links on our website listing organisations that are here to help.