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Radio Reminisce has been created to provide an online radio service for an older generation and to be the station of choice for the care sector and its residents. We recognise that music is so important - whatever your age and wherever you are listening. It's a type of therapy for us all. So, no more over-commercialised radio that doesn’t speak to you. Welcome to Radio Reminisce. Welcome to warm, cosy radio. Watch our short introduction video to get started.

Free Accessible Radio 24/7 - Radio Reminisce

Free Accessible Radio 24/7

No Apps. No DAB. No dodgy FM or AM signal. All you need to enjoy Radio Reminisce is an internet connection and our radio platform can be enjoyed on anything from a smart phone, PC, tablet to even a smart TV! Our free online 24/7 radio stream will air music selected for the matured listener, streaming popular music from the 30s up to the 70s with news bulletins included to keep you in touch with the world.

Home of DFA - Radio Reminisce

Home of DFA

Music is becoming recognised as an effective tool to help offer some comfort and memory stimulation for people living with dementia. With over 850,000 people now living with dementia in the UK alone, we are proud to be developing on-demand audio programmes to help in this area. On The Wireless, presented by much loved ex-BBC radio presenter Ashley Franklin takes a look back at the fashion, music and popular culture of each year since 1940 - 65 (new programmes added regularly) . The concept behind the series is that people who are, for example, aged 80 and living with dementia may find that listening to programmes around the 1950s (when in their 20s) could trigger memories, stimulate the mind and offer some comfort. Above all, this entertainment for all to listen to and can really help spark conversations off with the listeners. We aim to excel in creating further DFA programmes for the platform.

Care Sector - Radio Reminisce

Care Sector

To help provide more of a resource for the care industry, as well as our DFA programmes, we have also created a new weekly general knowledge quiz show - Answers On A Post Card. Again, this is something residents can do on their own or in a group in addition to their usual activities. Our mindfulness series New You could help reduce stress and anxiety. We also provide general entertainment and informative programmes for our listener demographic and also aim to make the listener feel part of a community.

"Radio can entertain, engage, and help reduce the feeling of isolation. For a person with dementia, it can provide a precious link to a world of music, news and stories."
- Scie.org.uk

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