Can cold-water swimming prevent dementia?

Most will shiver at the thought of dipping your toes into cold water but can cold water swimming really hold the key to a dementia cure?

Researchers from Cambridge University have discovered a protein found in the blood of regular winter swimmers at London’s Parliament Hill Lido. In mice, this ‘cold shock’ protein has proven to slow the progression of early onset dementia and even repair some of the damage.

Prof Giovanna Mallucci, who runs the UK Dementia Research Institute’s Centre at the University of Cambridge, says the discovery could point researchers towards new drug treatments which may help hold dementia at bay.

The research is at a very early stage but is extremely welcome news for those working on new ways to treat dementia. Prof Mallucci adds: “If you slowed the progress of dementia by even a couple of years on a whole population, that would have an enormous impact economically and health-wise.”

Here’s a Ch5 News report on the subject:

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