The Daily Tonic features Sod 70!

Our Daily Tonic Topic for this week centres on a book I came across last week called Sod 70!  The author, distinguished long-standing public health official Sir Muir Gray, exclaims that all of us over 70 can live longer, better.  Behind this statement is his belief that if you’re in your 80s, for instance, and you’re struggling to get up the stairs, don’t say: “well, that’s ‘cos I’m getting old”… What you SHOULD be saying is “I need to get fitter”.  Muir Gray has identified what he calls the fitness gap – and that is the gap between a person’s actual rate of decline and their BEST POSSIBLE rate of decline.  And he believes that everyone can make up that gap.  He also believes that how long we live is determined more by lifestyle and environment than by our genes.  His book is also telling you as someone over 70 that you need to have an active mind as well as body.  He is saying, effectively: don’t slow down, lose interest in the world and slump down in your easy chair and moan about how much better it was in the ‘good old days’ because THAT is perpetuating the negative stereotype of old age.  So, Sod 70!… the older you get, the greater the need for a positive mental attitude and some positive action.

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Ashley Franklin