Alexa – More Than A Smart Speaker 

Last week we announced our big news that Radio Reminisce was now available on Amazon Alexa. Nearly 6 million households now have a smart speaker with a reach of over 10 million users, and we decided that Alexa is one of the best ways to make Radio Reminisce accessible.

What we found most appealing with Alexa is the fact that it is voice activated and therefore once set up, there are no barriers for the user to overcome to access our radio stream. This is great news for those who may struggle to grasp  new tablet and smartphone devices. Now the world is not at your fingertips, it’s at your beck and call!

Radio Reminisce is all about the golden generation, the home of music and memories with an understanding of dementia and loneliness at its heart. Now we are on Alexa, it is easier than ever for our listeners to access our programmes specially created for them, but this is not the only reason we thought adding the station to Alexa devices was a great idea. Alexa does more than just play music. In addition to helping seniors maintain their independence, Alexa can help them stay healthy, active, and engaged every day – it is a home assist device, even a companion for some! (Although nothing beats human interaction!) It is also becoming recognised as a tool which may help people living with dementia, with features such as:

Medication reminders
Remind your loved one when it is time to take their medication. This is helpful for those with dementia, since remembering the exact time to take medication can be very difficult.

Smart Appliances
With Alexa’s voice commands, seniors can simply call out and control the lights or adjust smart appliance settings. With this smart technology you can control the thermostat, turn on the TV, adjust the oven temperature, monitor security systems, and more.

People living with dementia may find it difficult remembering the day and time, Alexa can provide this information when asked.

Making Lists
Alexa can help make lists of items that you need to purchase, such as your weekly shopping, or items you need for around the house. Simply ask Alexa to add items to your list. When you need reminding of what is on your list, just ask Alexa again.

Of course users can now say ‘Alexa, play Radio Reminisce‘ to access music and memories from our radio service, but Alexa also opens up a whole world of entertainment from music to audio books, podcasts to puzzles and the latest news and weather to keep you up to date with the here and now.

Emergency Numbers
You can add numbers to the device so it is easy to contact loved ones in an emergency and raise the alarm.

Video Calling
Stay in touch with loved ones via video calling. The Echo Show is the latest device that allows video calling too.

And this only scratches the surface as there are now over 100,000 Alexa skills to tailor to your device.

So perhaps think about how an Alexa smart speaker could improve a loved one’s life and help install one in their house. We also think this is a brilliant device to be installed throughout care homes, keeping residents connected to loved ones and the outside world.

Radio Reminisce