Care About Carers

During the pandemic, there’s many heart-warming stories of communities coming together to help out where they possibly can. Many of us are wondering how we may be able to get involved and make a difference.

The National Care Association are calling for help from individuals to boost the morale of those caring for our country’s most vulnerable citizens.

There is no doubt that caring can be both rewarding and challenging, and right now carers are doing everything possible to shield the most vulnerable in society from Covid-19. In most cases this means self isolating from their families and even moving in to their care home to avoid unknowingly transmitting the disease.

Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman of National Care Association said “Carers are remarkable individuals doing an amazing job for those who need it most and we can all do our bit to help support and thank them during these times.”

A few suggestions from the National Care Association include:

Offering your spare time to pick up prescriptions or personal items for residents,
asking your children to draw pictures or cards for care workers and residents or donating an old smart phone – it could be used for residents to FaceTime their families.

The full article by the National Care Association can be found here:

Ultimately, let’s make sure our carers know that we care about them too.
Call your local care home and ask if you can help in anyway. If you can help, always make sure you are following the social distancing guidelines and leave any parcels on the doorstep. Always make sure they have been properly disinfected.

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