Government Plans To Cocoon Care Homes

A recent report by the BBC suggests that care homes could be cocooned to help protect the most vulnerable groups of people from Coronavirus.

The older generation and those with underlining health conditions are those who are at most risk. Around 500,000 people reside in care and residential homes, so to help protect them the government are considering cocooning methods.

Dr Halpern, chief executive of the government-owned Behavioural Insights Team, known as the “nudge unit”, and a member of Whitehall’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies says that assuming the epidemic flows and grows like they assume it will do, they are putting in plans to cocoon those most at risk until herd immunity has been achieved in the rest of the population.

An army of volunteers could be drafted in to help those in isolation and current thinking to what training they would need is ongoing. Intensive training could be implemented as early as Easter with measures coming into force before the summer.

Dr Halpern also suggests that guidance may be issued encouraging friends and relatives not to visit people in care homes until the risk of contracting the disease is more manageable.

The full BBC report can be found here:

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