Happy Send A Card To A Friend Day!

This Saturday (February 7th) marks Send A Card To A Friend Day!

In a world of email, texts, tweets and short messages, when was the last time you actually sent a card to someone by hand or post? And coming to think of it… when did you receive one? Once upon a time we would write notes and letters to each other. Many of us had pen-pals – and remember those times you’d pass the odd note to each other in the classroom or work place?

This February 7th is an official chance to do this once again. This is your chance to tell a friend of family member exactly what they mean to you in the form of a little note inside a card. It’s a feel good activity! If you’re in a care home or community environment – make an activity of it. How about making the card from scratch? You can get some great ideas from YouTube. Here’s a couple of examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qZPvEzhBR0

Have fun with this and for those of us who are tech savvy you can take a picture of your efforts and post it on our Facebook Page or send us a Tweet including the Hashtag #SendaCardtoaFriendDay  – Let us know what you’ve made, sent or received.

Happy Send A Card To A Friend Day!

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